Whole House Estate Sales, downsizing, moving, estate, sales and tag sales

About Us

True professionals and very good at what we do

Our services help those who are downsizing, moving, settling estates or de-cluttering/staging a home for sale.
Unlike some other companies, there is never any up front costs to the homeowner. Our fees are only collected after a sale has been completed.

Our network

We have an extensive list of antique dealers, art galleries and music schools which we mail out invitations to for our sales. We can also buy out estates if a sale is not conducted. We maintain the highest quality standards and customer service to maximize the value of each client we assist.

Our background on e-bay has made it easier to gauge what sells in the global marketplace as well as being able to sell items for clients whom we run estate sales for at much larger profit than what they might receive during an exclusive in-home sale.

All fees come from sale proceeds

Though fees are minimal, you will never have to pay any fees; whatsoever, up front in order to have our company initiate any and all efforts to prepare and conduct your estate sale.  Whether it is a total or partial liquidation.

We work very hard, in an effort to sell every item you need to sell and have a total clean out of all desired items. There are times when some specific item(s) do not sell.  With your permission we can arrange removal and disposal of these items after your sale. 

Our network and business infrastructure

We do not operate out of our garage, basement or living room like our competitors!  Our commercial location is a stand alone office in Huntertown, Indiana.  We take this business seriously and our only goal is to swiftly liquidate your sell-able assets. We have already invested in our network and business infrastructure and everything is already matured, established and paid for. These developmental costs are never passed onto our clients  Our fees, though minimal, come strictly from the sale proceeds to cover our time, man power, talent and expertise.

We own all of our sale signage, actual business offices, computer and internet infrastructure.  
It's quite simple... We do the prep and setup, and we do all of the work and clean-up while YOU get the check!