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Consignment Items

Whole House Estate Sales will gladly take your items on consignment and advertise on our consignment page.  We offer the flexibility of letting you keep the items in your possession or have us display it in our facility.

Why would you want to place your items on consignment at Whole House Estate Sales?

We have a large following of loyal and die hard buyers of used desirable and sought after items. We have a network of buyers from gold, silver, furniture, stamp collections, antiques, art, war memorabilia and so much more.

We have connected buyers and sellers and have consigned just about everything - even the kitchen sink!

Here's even more......
*Buyers who resell items personally or in their retail store fronts regularly shop our consignment page for items of interest.
*We have current and an ever growing NEW shoppers following who visit our web site, exposing your items to potential buyers.

Contact us today to set up your consignment today!  

Interested in an item that is on consignment - 
Simply email us:  info@wholehouseestatesales.com  
 Call/text us regarding the item at 260-222-1933. 

Put our skills and network to work for you!

Drexel entryway dresser $250.00

Thomasville matching armoire and dresser $950

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