Whole House Estate Sales, downsizing, moving, estate, sales and tag sales

We provide consultations

We are located in Huntertown, Indiana. 
We currently conduct sales in the state(s) of Indiana, Illinois, Michigan and Ohio. 

We coordinate it all: evaluating, researching, displaying, pictures, advertising, pricing and handling the sale for you. Our goal is to make the process of having an estate sale, downsizing sale or moving sale as stress free as possible for you by utilizing our trained professional staff to do all the work! 

We understand and respect that every situation is a unique one. We are professionals with what we do and look forward to setting up your free consultation (NO OBLIGATION to you)  to go over what sale works best for your situation. 

Here's how it works

We schedule a FREE consultation with you. During our consultation we will ask questions to understand what your situation is, learn what your goals are and then do a brief walk through. This will help us to determine which type of sale you are wanting. We then go over our contract, sign it and schedule the dates for your sale.

For several days to a week before your sale; our staff will visit your property to sort, group, display, take pictures and price each item, researching any collectible or antique as needed. Pictures will be uploaded to our professional website along with other advertising avenues we use to inform the public of your sale with the dates and times.

Professional attractive signs are put up each day of your sale in your yard and in the nearby community directing the public to your sale.

Sales are generally run for 2-3 days. Each staff member hosting your sale is friendly, knowledgeable, honest and ready to assist with your sale. 

 After your sale is done, we will leave the home in a broom swept condition. Any items previously discussed for donations, trash, etc will be handled according to your previous instructions. Within 10 business days after your sale has completed we will submit to you a report of items sold enclosing a check to you.

We respect and understand that many items have sentimental value, a good story and many memories for you. We are professional from the first day thru the last.